Honours Society

A student-led academic support programme – students selected for their mastery of subjects volunteer to tutor their peers in those subjects. This embedded approach to extra contact hours and academic enrichment opportunities ensures our student teachers and learners master the academic material. For both the tutors and their tutees, the programme is meant to foster a spirit of collaboration, social responsibility to others and mutual respect.

Liceostem Programme

The Lyceum was the first A level school in Pakistan to provide students with a fully equipped Fabrication Laboratory as part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Programme. Student innovators and inventors are nurtured through mentorship, project design and development, prototype demonstration, building workshops, and STEM applications with a focus on finding solutions to climate change challenges.


Mathematika aims to encourage students to participate in mathematical competitions and stimulate advanced interest in Mathematics. It fosters mathematical thinking, abstraction, deduction, foresight, planning and modelling in real life situations. Students discover the beauty of Maths as the language of the universe and develop thinking skills through conferences, competitions and seminars.

The Lyceum school was many things for me. It was an institution yes, but it was also a home. Lyceum was more than a school. It was when I met myself.

[Today,] I am the author of two books, a poetry collection by the name, ‘The Unbridled Romance of Love and Pain’ and the novel ‘Eye on the Prize’. My novel is being commissioned to be adapted for TV renamed ‘Duur: based on Eye on the Prize. I am also the founder of a publishing house, by the name ‘Reverie Publishers’ which aims to expand the publishing landscape of Pakistan.

It taught me to explore things I had never interacted with before. I topped my law class to become a lawyer. An avid reader, my writing was mediocre. I pushed myself in all my subjects. I played table tennis tournaments, I operated my first business (with a huge profit) in my Business Studies class, I argued positions in my sociology class. I ate Bashir Bhai’s fries, and shared prawn l chilli with rice. I sang with my friends, I laughed with my friends. I met my best friend in Lyceum.

Saying that it played a colossal part in my personal and social development is an understatement. I will always be in debt, to the teachers who shaped me, to the staff who loved me, and to the friends who cherish me still.
Thank you, Lyceum.

Safina Danish Elahi,
Maiden Name: Safina Rauf Farouk


Lyterati aims to facilitate stimulating discussions within The Lyceum community and beyond through literature. Our focus is on engaging with literary texts with an open mind, considering the lessons one can learn from the concepts and storylines that they contain. In doing so, we hope to incite conversations about social consciousness, inclusivity, empathy, and empowerment — values that great writing can teach and that The Lyceum aims to foster within its students.


Lysias, also known as the journalism society, allows students to try their hand at real-world editing and publishing whilst writing articles, creative pieces, reviews, interviews and other texts for a bi-monthly newsletter, aimed at bringing school and relevant outside events and issues to life. In addition to publishing the newsletter, Lysias members meet regularly, collaborate with other societies, host an in-school competition, go on field trips and take part in national journalism-related events and competitions.

LyCorp – Sustainable Entrepreneurship

LyCorp promotes entrepreneurship, social responsibility and business acumen by students’ engagement in business conferences, intra- and inter-school events. Members will be expected to refine knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modelling, leadership techniques, and coordination of people and resources.



LyTech provides opportunities to learn graphic design, coding and serve as the in-house team for design and all things tech at The Lyceum. Learn coding, graphic design or build your own games with this dynamic community.

Philosophy Society

At the heart of philosophy lies our innate need to understand. This understanding occurs through a process of questioning, but not just any process of questioning. Philosophers question the fundamental assumptions we make. Students explore how to answer (and if we can even answer) these questions and other areas related to philosophy.

The Oracle

The Oracle publishes a 200-page annual colour magazine/yearbook featuring high quality, original articles, poems, artwork, photographs and coverage of school events and activities. Students will cultivate a higher level of self awareness, as evidenced by their ability to identify their own strengths and challenges and to channel their personal talents and skills into appropriate forms of expression. They will also hopefully master progressive leadership skills, including but not limited to time management, collaboration, cooperation, task delegation, conflict management and peer mentoring.



LyCulinary aims to unify students interested and inclined towards culinary arts. To introduce the palate to a wide range of cuisines, and stimulate members’ growth with knowledge and skills training. Most importantly, to encourage leadership, initiative and excellence. Members learn more than just recipes from each other, and experiment and explore with food as art.


LyFilm champions creativity, social consciousness and inclusivity through the art of film-making and appreciation. Members capture both special events and everyday life at The Lyceum, creating an archive for students, alumni and administration alike. They share film reviews and screenings of movies that address topical issues of concern and celebration. Aspiring directors, producers, film critics or movie buffs can all find their place and execute their vision through the lens of LyFilm!


The oldest society at The Lyceum, LyTheatre believes in the transformative power of performance art as an avenue to social consciousness and progressive change. Through creative expression, students learn to comprehend our world better and are, therefore, better equipped to face real-world challenges. LyTheatre builds confidence, communication skills and teamwork – whether on centre stage or backstage. Being a part of a production enables students to work together as a community towards a tangible goal, it inculcates a sense of ownership and pride in their endeavours, and, most vitally, it is fun!


Readers Theatre

An off-shoot of LyTheatre, The Lyceum’s Readers Theatre is committed to celebrating creativity and encouraging students to find their own voices. The Reader’s Theatre is a collaborative platform that showcases authenticity, talent and skill through skits, dramatic readings, poetry, music, dance, short films, photography and art. It includes performances in both Urdu and English. Students are also encouraged to participate in a wide array of backstage activities. The Readers Theatre inculcates a sense of school spirit, belonging and achievement.


The best coaches who were once strong debaters at The Lyceum support and coach our students to develop not only debating skills but also teamwork, group cooperation, conflict resolution, negotiation, consensus-building, critical thinking, public speaking and listening, while learning and demonstrating formal debate skills.


Model United Nations provide students with an opportunity to gain confidence, better understand world affairs and be prepared to resolve conflict and collaborate towards solutions for world peace. Our team owes its success to the excellent mentors and inclusive, collaborative approach.
The Lyceum placed our country on the global map when it became the first school in Pakistan to have won the prestigious “Best International School” award at the Harvard MUN in 2014 in Boston, USA.



The Lyceum’s photography society is an ideal platform for budding photographers to explore their interest in photography, develop their skills and open their eyes to the world of light, colour and tones.


Our inclusive community of musicians welcomes all to provide the soundtrack to our lives at The Lyceum. Students compose, perform and develop their skills at regular jams and showcases.


LySlam aims to promote spoken-word poetry as an art form. The society believes that poetry, prose, art, music and philosophy are among the most powerful healing agents in the world and students explore how words can be evocative without being provocative because words are important, and how we use them is even more important. Students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of personal beliefs and values and commitment to continuing personal reflection and reassessment and self-assessment.

I’m Shameneh Majid from the Class of 2015. Currently, I’m teaching, writing, and just going with the flow, picking up skills, hobbies, and passions I’ve wanted to focus on for a while.It’s hard to summarise the two years spent at Lyceum into a few words, but it was, without a doubt, one of the best times of my life. Despite the usual teenage angst, growing pains, academic, social, and personal challenges, there’s so much I took away from that time.

From truly exploring and delving into my academic passions and interests, to finding mentors and supportive teachers and counsellors, and befriending some of the most incredible people I’ve ever known–and of course, Bashir Bhai’s fries–there’s so much to be thankful for.

Preparing for Readers’ Theatre, Slam Night, and all the other events, spending afternoons hanging out in the generator area, eating khausa and tons of junk food, and just coming into our own through important, life-changing conversations–it’s hard not to look back and be more than grateful to have had that. Thanks for giving us a chance to be a part of something so special!

Shameneh Majid, Class of 2015


LyPaws works to advocate the humane treatment of animals through creating awareness, disseminating knowledge and encouraging compassion. It champions the causes of stray animals, the protection of habitats and empathy towards all living creatures. From hearing from experts, to holding fund-raising campaigns, to keeping the iconic Lyceum turtles clean, LyPaws hopes to make the world a better place for all who share it!


LyCourt creates awareness within youth about their responsibilities and of the systems in their country. It aims to make students knowledgeable and just leaders of the wider community. The society makes students more mindful of their actions, creates a sense of compassion and ignites activism. This helps in creating successful leaders of the future.

Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace is committed to leading efforts to advance effective multi-religious cooperation for peace on global, regional, national and local levels while ensuring that the religious communities organised on these same levels assume and exercise appropriate leadership and ownership of such efforts.
By becoming a member of this society, students will learn ways to honour the different ways religious communities are organised and support locally led multi-religious structures.

Zero Waste

The Lyceum has been working hard since its establishment to encourage a sustainable lifestyle amongst the student body and staff at The Lyceum. The Zero Waste initiative has been able to successfully bring together an inter-school climate action group in Karachi this summer.
Students can survey, audit and create programmes to influence behaviours and consumption patterns, separation of waste, learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
It also serves as a forum for highlighting environmental concerns and collaborating with organisations like Climate Action Pakistan to take the necessary steps to encourage sustainability and environmentalism.