Lyceum students are encouraged to develop service-oriented leadership skills as part of their CCA experience. Various opportunities through sport, the societies framework and student council further develop their practice via workshops and mentoring.

The Lyceum for me is synonymous with home. The two years spent at 78 Clifton are some of my most beautiful and treasured moments, owing to the warm campus, close-knit community, stellar academics, life-long mentors, incredible CCA opportunities, and so much more.

I look back fondly at some of the highlights from my time at The Lyceum, which included organising a “Music for Peace” concert at the Arts Council, to come together as a community after the attack in Peshawar in December 2014. I remember working with StuCo on a 5-day carnival for Round Square, and the highlight of which included winning the volleyball tournament, defeating the faculty team in the final. I remember the life-long friends I have made, who have become my family over the years and I remember playing for five sports teams, running from one practice to the other, because Sir Zaidi meant business.

I am grateful to Mrs Ahmad, Shahriar, and staff at The Lyceum for allowing students the space to learn and grow, and truly execute student-led, student-run initiatives. During my run as Student Council President and House Captain, I was taught amongst many things, the value of servant leadership, to serve those you lead, a concept new to me at the time, but a core part of me today. I am currently a Barrister, working within the IT and Telecom industries and heading a Group of companies within the IT, telecommunications and digitisation space.

Lyceum was and always will be home for its 10,000 plus strong alumni community, with its doors always open to welcome you just as it did when you first walked into the gates of 78 Clifton as a nervous, and perhaps excited, A1 student, waiting to see the magic unfold. I wish Lyceum continued success in its journey of serving as an oasis of knowledge, values, culture and deep-rooted traditions.

Mahnoor Nadeem, Class of 2015

Student Council

Student Council at The Lyceum is a selective leadership course that seeks to equip young people with a number of skills, engage them with the principles of democratic governance, non-violent communication, empathy, environmentalism and servant leadership, and allow them to learn project management, safety and risk management, and time management.

Student Council members are expected to maintain good academic standing, excellent attendance, and model exemplary behaviour according to the Lyceum’s community values. By agreeing to be a member of the Student Council, students formally acknowledge their duty to undertake the responsibilities of this role with the utmost honesty, diligence and respect for their peers, while promoting the advancement of the ideals and ethos of The Lyceum.

All members take an oath rooted in the sanctity and traditional importance given to the ritual, combining a moral imperative with an ethical appeal to uphold a position of office and execute it with integrity and honour.