The College Counselling (CC) Department consists of a team of counsellors who work individually with students on their college admissions from the second term of the A1 year till they graduate. Advising begins with conversations about academic and career goals and discussions about what university options will best meet the students’ needs and ambitions. The counsellors continue to support the students through the application process, helping them to understand procedures, requirements and deadlines, providing feedback on personal statements and essays, and preparing supporting documents.

In the first year, every student has a mentor to help students maintain balance at all levels and provide valuable adult input and safeguard well-being, and in the second year, every student has a college counsellor. Counsellors are assigned to each student, and students consult the CC as early as possible in order to learn about the requirements of the places they wish to apply to and organise their studies accordingly.

Our students attend a wide range of colleges both locally and internationally and study an equally diverse range of courses, including science, social science, finance and arts related courses. The counsellors strive to help each student achieve his or her dreams for higher education.


Myra Merchant
BFA, Drawing and Painting, Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada
Marium Ibrahim
MSc, Clinical Child, Family and Education Studies, Utrecht University in the Netherlands
B.A. in Psychology and Educational Studies, Macalester College, USA
Mehr Zaidi
MA, Genetics, Swansea in Whales, UK
Sabeen Mustafa
LLB Hons, University of London
Zara Hyder
MSc, Anthropology, Quaid-e Azam University
Tasneem Nazli Ashir
MA, English Literature, Karachi University

College Counsellors

Maleeha Naqvi
BSc, Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science
Suraiya Ishaque
BA, English/Third World Studies, Oberlin College, USA
Aisha Garib
MSc, Finance and Financial Law, University of London, UK

BA, English and Political Science, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Admission Statistics

Over the 34 years, our students have gotten admissions to most colleges of their choice. Following is a sampling of some colleges they have gained admissions into.


Lyceum students are sought after inductees to the most prestigious universities in Pakistan.
Universities include:

United Kingdom

United States of America


Lyceum students have also received Admission offers from
Universities in Turkey, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, and Europe.

Financial Assistance / Scholarships

A substantial number of Lyceum students received funding of some sort from institutes of higher
education around the world. A total of 182 offers of financial/scholarship from Pakistani, US, Canadian and Turkish Universities were received last year. The US and Turkey were the largest aid-giving countries.

80 financial assistance packages ranging between US $15,000 – $50,000 per year were received from the US, whereas 40 scholarships ranging from 50% to 100% of tuition were offered by Turkish Universities, Habib University, IBA and LUMS.

30 offers of one-time entrance and renewable scholarships were received from Canadian universities.
UK universities made 20 smaller one-time entrance awards in the range of GBP 2000 – GBP 5000.

A few years ago, I took my sister to her first day at the Lyceum. Very little had changed. The walls were the same, as were the fittings and fixtures, and the teachers radiated the same warmth and dedication to the school’s values that I had grown so fond of during my time there. Everything, except the students themselves, seemed affixed in time and memory.

Indeed, when I listen to my sister talk about the Lyceum of 2021, I am struck by how similar it is to the school I went to so many years ago.

Truly, in an age Bauman has fittingly deemed to be constantly liquid, the Lyceum stands as a veritable beacon of consistency; firmly anchored to its values of tolerance and compassion.

That really is what the Lyceum is to me, a place constant as the northern star, of whose true-fix’d and resting quality there is perhaps no fellow in the firmament.

Hamza Anwar, Class of 2015