Since we started over three decades ago, in a national landscape yet to recognise the immense value of ‘ECA’, The Lyceum’s pioneering CCA programme has stood for value-based experiential learning in the truest sense of the word.

The term Co-Curricular Activities is intentional with the belief that learning as a lived, social and collaborative experience makes it truly memorable, fun and sustainable. When learning through value-led initiatives and causes is extended to the ‘peripheries’ outside the classroom, the imprints in a student’s personality are deeper.

Our Approach

The Lyceum’s active Co-Curricular programme aims to instill experiential learning, critical service and conscious citizenship in the lives of our students


Lyceum students are encouraged to develop service-oriented leadership skills as part of their CCA experience.


Our teams compete at local, regional and international levels, while intramural sports are organised by the House Captains

Our Societies

Each of our societies maintains an uncompromised dedication to mindfulness, contemplation and reflection to ensure every event aligns with the overarching philosophy of the society, as well as the core values of the school.

Community Service

Service and Community work has been a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Round Square

In 2010, The Lyceum was the first school in Pakistan to be invited to become the 80th member of Round Square schools because of its affinity to the RS values.