Service and Community work has been a cornerstone of our philosophy. Yaseen Bizenjo founded the community service programme in 1988.

Our students have opened and run community schools, worked with orphanages, old homes, and patients in hospitals. They have helped with disaster management and continue to initiate and advocate for the less represented and for a sustainable future.

These experiences have left a deep impact on them and given them a richer perspective of themselves and the world they live in. They learn amongst many other things empathy, gratitude, patience, team work, collaboration and problem solving skills. We hope that in time they grow into thinking, responsible citizens of a global world who continue to increase the footprints of service and advocacy.

Some of the initiatives Lyceum students have opened:

  • The Jhuggi School
  • The Hub School
  • Mashal Academy
  • Home School
  • Lyari street school

Some places Lyceum students have worked at:

  • Gizri school
  • Piler
  • Machar Colony
  • Hunar Foundation
  • TCF schools
  • WAR


  • Kashan-e-Atfal
  • Habib Orphanage
  • Siratul Jannah
  • Binte Fatima
  • AKUH
  • Indus Hospital
  • SIUT
  • Jinnah Hospital

The Jhuggi School: A journey of belief and dedication

The Jhuggi School today has well-built classrooms, bathrooms, and a courtyard. The student body has a mix of religious and ethnic backgrounds. The school offers education till grade eight, after which students move towards Gaddani, which is located in the southern part of Balochistan for further education. The foundation of this school was laid with ambition and trust, while it has continued to grow with compassion and nurturing relationships.Read more

Mashal Academy

Mashal Academy is a student-led numeracy and literacy programme for the children of Neelum Colony. The project lays great emphasis on personal development, ethics-based learning and practical utility of the theoretical concepts taught in class.

Home School

Home School is a service initiated by Lyceum students in order to help our students educate children from under-served communities on The Lyceum premises. The subjects taught in Home School are English, Maths, Art and Urdu.

Teens for Hunar

The society provides students with the opportunity to be more aware of society and interact with members of the community that belong to diverse backgrounds. Teens for Hunar builds itself on the values of Hunar Foundation and its model of sustainability. It aims to provide young adults with international standard vocational training.

Binte Fatima (Senior Citizen’s Home)

Binte Fatima is a home for Senior Citizens where the students of The Lyceum visit weekly as part of their Community Service Programme. Students will have the opportunity to spend time with senior residents and hold inclusive sessions on poetry recitation, reading, playing music and knitting among others. All student visits are chaperoned by an adult.

Siraat ul Jannah

An education outreach program with the aim of connecting and engaging with the children at a home for abandoned and at-risk youth in Karachi.

Lyceum gave me the chance to get to know teachers, mentors and friends, I would never otherwise have known. I am extremely grateful for that. I explored my interests fully at Lyceum. If I had not experimented with skills because of the opportunities Lyceum gave me, I would never have been able to know that I had the talent and the courage to make the impossible, possible. I loved my time at The Lyceum and I will continue to love the place each time I visit. The platforms Lyceum provided me shed light on the plight of people in my city and made me realise my social responsibilities. I now understand neglecting my social duties would be akin to a crime. All such realisations and teachings are a result of the person I am today shaped by my experiences at The Lyceum.

Rabia Amir Shaikh, Class of 2019