Principal’s Message

For students deciding where to do their A levels, this is a time when you must decide wisely.

These two years are precious and a time of self-reflection and realisation. The environment you choose must be in sync with your hopes and aims, as this is one of those choices that seem more important in hindsight and can change the course of your journey.

The Lyceum School is a labour of love, a tribute to life and an expression of gratitude to God from all those who have played a role in its creation and development. It is a school that has withstood the test of time and has tried to maintain its commitment to excellence, to its philosophy and to its students. The Lyceum derives its name from The Lukeion, a garden in which Aristotle taught his students to think, imagine, reflect and deflect. Principles that we too practice and hold dear.

The Lyceum, like all institutions, is not made of brick and mortar, but it is the lifeblood that pulsates with its students’ ambitions, hopes, dreams, angst and their highs and lows. The bedrock upon which the sands of time continue to write stories; lived and unlived.

When one talks to Lyceum alumni, that include all those who graduated last year to those who left thirty two years ago, they talk about everlasting bonds and memorable experiences that define who they are and the shift that took place in the way they began to view life. The Lyceum may not be for everyone, but it is a place for those looking for a fresh perspective and a broader and deeper understanding of life.

It is at The Lyceum that students are challenged to develop high levels of capabilities across a wide range of activities – academics, sports, the arts, creativity and community life. It is here that students are exposed to a diverse range of perspectives. This broad, all-encompassing experience is one that we believe prepares our students to be major contributors to local and international communities and to achieve beyond the ordinary.

There is no doubt that when students join The Lyceum, they become part of a legacy with a definite philosophy that is defined by its commitment to its ideals and its ethos balanced by tradition and modernity. Should you choose to join us, we will welcome you, knowing that these two years will be your most memorable and meaningful phase of life.

Wishing you the best as you transition to high school.

Scheherazade Asdar Ahmad
The Lyceum

The Lyceum

In 1987, The Lyceum opened its doors, as the first purely A level focused school in the country. Since then it has led in all aspects of holistic development for students of that age.

It is located in a beautiful building, set in Karachi’s green and historic neighbourhood of Old Clifton. Our relatively small size ensures that we offer a warm, friendly and enriching environment to all our students. Once at The Lyceum, students become part of a lively, close-knit and devoted community of students, faculty and staff, each one contributing to the school’s unfolding legacy.

The Lyceum’s commitment to universal education and equity ensures that all students who fulfil our rigorous criteria (academic and otherwise), regardless of their ability to pay fees, study at The Lyceum.

The school’s rich co-curricular programme’s unparalleled focus on experiential learning, the deeply embedded sense of community engagement fostered in our students and the tradition of mentoring complements learning beyond the classroom.

With a distinctive reputation for producing competent, resourceful and self-motivated learners who have excelled, its international appeal to universities is a long and distinguished history that honours and cultivates academic integrity, independent study and responsible learning.

The success of Lyceum graduates across the world – both as professionals and as members of society – is testament to the transformative power of value-based learning and experience carefully handed down from generation to generation.

The Lyceum is a community of love, innovative practice and social justice. It is a space where we courageously swim against the social current each day in the dynamic way we teach, in the responsible way we shape and shepherd young minds and in the way the school empowers all the people who have the privilege to be associated with it. I experienced The Lyceum as an oasis of social responsibility, an undying commitment to integrity with a deeply humanistic space of learning.

Uzma Shakir, Founder Member and Director Studies 2018-2021

Our Legacy: Lyceum’s Founders

The Lyceum’s founder members were experienced educationists and/or those who mostly joined after retiring as Heads of departments or as Heads of schools and colleges.

Steeped in traditional mores, ethics and values, they worked with a vision not only to educate but to inculcate a respect and pride in themselves and our own culture and history. Teaching colonial education through a lens of decolonisation was a labour of love and continues to be. We work with the hope that our successors and alumni members will carry forward the legacy.


Founding Board Members

Adnan Asdar Ali

MS, Engineering, University of Minnesota

Kamran Asdar Ali

PhD, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University

Mahboob Khan

BSc & Dip Arch University of London

Muzaffar Qazilbash

MD, Dept. of Stem Cell Transplantation, UT, Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston

Nur un Nehar Asdar

BA, Delhi University

Syed Fahim Ahmad

MA, English Literature, Punjab University

Present Advisory Board

Dr. Abdul Bari Khan

CEO, Indus Hospital

Adnan Asdar Ali

CEO, Multinet

Dr. Kamran Asdar Ali

Professor of Anthropology, UT Austin, Texas

Najeeb Omar

Practicing Architect, Najeeb Omar and Associates

Nausheen Ahmad

Barrister at Law, Lead Counsel, The Legal and Governance Advisory

Shahriar Asdar Ahmad (Secretary)

Director, Development & Student Life – The Lyceum

Founding Advisory Board Members

Dr. Aquila Islam

PhD, Nuclear Physics, McMaster University

Dr. Rhoda Vania

PhD, English Literature, University of Wisconsin


Scheherazade Asdar Ahmad

(Director & Principal: 1987-1988, 1995-96, 2002-2003, 2013-Date)

MA, Social Political Thought, Sussex MA, Education (Sociology and Equity Studies)
OISE, University of Toronto

Frederick G. Sharp


MA, English, Exeter College, Oxford University

Ishrat Lindblad

(1993-1994, 1996-1998, 2008-2009, 2010-2011)

PhD, English Literature, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Maheen Islam

(Co-Director: 1987)

MA, Economics, Karachi University

Rashida Khan

(1992-1993, 2000-2001)

MA, English Literature, Peshawar University

Razia Shabbir Ahmad (Jiya)


MA, English Literature, Allahabad University Diploma in Education, University of Leeds

Dr. Rhoda Vania


PhD, English Literature, University of Wisconsin

Shereen Khan

(2003-2008, 2011- 2013)

MA, English Literature, Karachi University

Founding Heads of Departments

A.H Bhuiya (Economics)

MA, Economics, Tehran University

Maki Kureishi (English Literature)

MA, English Literature, Smith College

Naim Suhrawardy (Accounting)

I.C.A (Fin), England and Wales

Naseem Ahmad Sheikh (Chemistry)

MSc, Chemistry, Karachi University

Nayyar Jamil (Art)

BA, Art, Karachi University

Qasim Ishaque (Sociology)

PhD, Sociology, State University New York

Shamim Azam (Mathematics)

MA, Applied Math, Karachi University

Founding Faculty Members

Abdur Rahman

MA, Statistics, Karachi University

Aliya Saeed

MSc, Biology, California State University

Durrey Riaz

MSc, Chemistry, Karachi University

Faryal Jooma

LLM, Northwestern University
MA, Political Science, Karachi University

Kazim Hasan

Law Tripos, St. John’s College, University of Cambridge
Bar at Law, Middle Temple

Maheen Islam

MA, Economics, Karachi University

Maki Kureishi

MA English Literature, Smith College, USA

Nazi Khan

MA, English Literature, Karachi University

Parveen Niaz

BA Hons, English Literature, University of Sindh

Rashid Khan

MSc, Physics, Karachi University

Umber Khairi

BA, Comparative Literature and Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Uzma Shakir

MA, International Relations, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University


Lyceum has played a major role in shaping my career and has helped me find my true potential. My confidence had been completely shattered from the school that I came from, devastated by the fact that not only students, but at times, even the faculty members can bully you as well, scared of ever being able to find a place I can adjust to. Being part of The Lyceum, with such fears seemed hard initially but the Lyceum welcomed me with such open arms and warmth that this place, in no time, became my second home.
I owe everything I am today to Lyceum and some of the great teachers who have really been amazing mentors and guides. Lyceum has given me so much acceptance and security that I can never repay it! I hope Lyceum always continues to impart such confidence, excellence and warmth to the upcoming generations.

Marium Muhammad Amin, Class of 2020

Lyceum students will discover, develop and demonstrate an awareness of these core values.


True respect for oneself, lends to true respect for others.


Tolerance teaches our students patience, humility and good form.


Lyceum is an inclusive society that embraces all in spirit and form.


Our students are expected to be responsible and accountable for their decisions and actions.


Generosity of spirit requires no laurels or pompous affirmations. To do good unto others without need of external validation or return is one of the principles we stand by.


Consolidates our values and ecosystems with fair and consistent dealings with all.

Social Justice

Advocacy has been a deeply rooted mainstay of The Lyceum. We try to filter all our work through the lens of social consciousness that includes respect for our ecosystem.

Compassion and Empathy

Students are taught to balance compassion and empathy with a practical sustainable approach to work and relationships.


The Lyceum endeavours to uphold the most transparent measures to ensure equal representation. We endeavour to “prepare our youth for every future,” by developing an understanding of representative, inclusive and consensus-based decision making.


A Lyceum community member is a responsible and accountable architect of his or her own fate, as well as a contributing factor towards the well-being of others.


To uphold all our values requires tenacity and grit. A Lyceum community member, when aligned with the values mentioned above, ensures that he or she has the integrity and steadfastness to live by and model these values, both in their journey here and in the future.


Imagination, initiative and innovation lead to the celebration and pursuit of originality in thought and inventiveness in approach which makes studies and co-curricular at The Lyceum and daily minutiae of life in general, refreshing and intellectually stimulating.

Servant Leadership

Leadership at The Lyceum is a facilitating position. Our servant-leadership approach is a “top down” process permeating to the grassroots, through student led projects or causes we endorse, student council training and the framework by which the school is managed.


Is home a feeling?
That tugs at the
the ache oh so
powerful when
a wave of nostalgia
rocks the boat
of life.Is home a person?
Waiting with
open arms,
Peering shyly
From behind curtains
like those reluctant
first rays of sunlight
after a stormy night.Is home an identity?
A passport perhaps
the stamp indicates
where you are headed
but what if the journey
is within you?Is home a place?
A sanctuary
Where letters are written
secretly and ripped apart.
Somewhere, a book
Gathers dust but the faded rose
Petals pressed lovingly between
pages still smell the same.

Can home be all of the above?
Winter mornings and coffee
Moorahs and much needed
Hangouts with friends
Anticipated reunions
in the D-zone.
Little did I know
I found home under the
shade of trees and
sunbathing turtles.

Rumana Mehdi, Class of 2014