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Posted: August 24, 2019

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Co-Curricular Activities

The Co-Curricular Activities programme at the Lyceum aims to instill experiential learning, critical service and conscious citizenship in the lives of its students. A variety of opportunities are available to our students including debates, MUNs, slam poetry, theatre performances, internships, and community service projects. Students are encouraged to discover what they are passionate about and how they can channelize that energy into doing something positive and impactful. Learning is taken from the classroom to real-world applications using a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach supporting the development of character, skills, and knowledge. Under the guidance of CCA coordinators and Faculty patrons, students learn about critical thinking, event management, and teamwork.

All co-curricular activities at the Lyceum are broadly divided into Discovery, Endeavour, Service, and Advocacy. Using creativity and grassroots public action, students are encouraged to engage in critical service learning, community building and active discussions which will not only help them outside their classrooms but also help in grooming them into socially responsible citizens. In sync with the ethos of the Lyceum, students are taught to raise their voices, initiate projects and activities that provide opportunities to learn the theoretical framework regarding social research. In order to ensure that students find a reasonable balance between a well-rounded co-curricular experience and their academic commitments, we encourage each student to sign up for at least one of each: Service, Endeavour, Discovery and Advocacy and an Elective Learning Module during their two years at the Lyceum

The Semiotics of Culture & Architecture

This course will be an introduction to the students on understanding culture and identity. It will use heritage Architecture, Pakistan’s pre-1947 history, to discuss the relevance of geography, trade and our relationship to the Orient as its gatekeepers. It will provide the students with a language and skill set to analyze traditional etiquettes, costumery, and Architecture as a language that is the complex spine of their deeper identity. For a sustainable understanding and better-earthed connection to themselves, the mandatory field trip pop-up classrooms will drive home all the theory discussed in class.

Students will be expected to write short critical thinking & analysis based essays, in words and visual PowerPoint presentations. Discussion and dialogue will be encouraged in class. This is a seminar-style course, not lecture based entirely. Photography and on-site charcoal drawings will be done. For those students who have not taken Art as a subject, a simple drawing workshop will be done for them. Fifty percent of this course will be in class and fifty percent in the field at heritage sites

Critical, Social, and Political Thought (CSPT)

The Critical, Social, and Political Thought (CSPT) module aims to encourage students to critically think about, analyze, and deconstruct society through a socio-political lens. While deconstructing the concepts of power and hegemony; class, gender, ethnicity, race, and sexuality are focused on with a link between their history and the present. Progressive political engagement with regards to long term social change is a constant theme. This enables students to begin considering alternative ways of thinking and being in society and politics. The course incorporates aspects of Political Science, Social Justice, Law, Sociology, and Psychology, helping students make connections between the various fields and topics, and helping to connect them with wider society.

Peace Studies

This course is oriented towards developing a better understanding of the issues of war, conflict, and peace. It aims at introducing students to the background and characteristics of Peace Studies, and encouraging them to enhance their knowledge about peace ideas, peace heroes and peace movements; and appreciate the relevance and power of peace in transforming international, national, and local societies. The course begins with an introduction to peace studies, focusing on why this is a useful area of inquiry and how peace can be studied scientifically. Next, it analyzes why people, groups, and states fight, focusing on individual-group and state –level violence. The course concludes by analyzing approaches to peaceful conflict resolution and peacebuilding. The module would focus on topics like pacifist discourse in political thought, peace and nonviolence in religious teachings and practice, war, militarism and peace, art, literature and Journalism for peace, democracy, human rights and peace, and movements to abolish war as an institution and abolish nuclear weapons, inequality reduction and blossoming of equal opportunities for all.


In this course, students will brainstorm film ideas. They will create, edit and produce their own short films. Students will peer review each other’s work. To help students understand the importance of having a plan, they then make different projects; this will give them practice in visual storytelling. Students will work collaboratively to develop a treatment and present it to the class.

Assessment will be based on the clarity of each idea produced. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the content and structure of filmmaking. They will demonstrate collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking, and project management. They will associate the purpose of filmmaking with a process that supports it. A culture of feedback will be created to help monitor progress and add value to their work.


  • Technical Workshops
  • Technology Areas
  • Career Path Program (CPP)
  • STEM Incubation Center/Makerspace/FABLAB
  • Skill building
  • Mentorship
  • Counseling
  • Manpower and Skill Resourcing
  • LyArt (Society)

    With a focus on visual arts from the Lyceum's sphere and beyond, LyArt aims to promote art appreciation, participatory workshops and public art projects.

    Members have the ability to combine branches of knowledge and voice it in the form of art, to build a sustainable community, engage cultural diversity and bring social innovations.

    LyCorp (Sustainable Entrepreneurship Society)

    LyCorp promotes an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship, social responsibility and business acumen by students' engagement in business conferences, competition as well as intra- and inter-school events.

    Members will be expected to refine knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership techniques, and coordination of people and resources.

    LyFilm (Film Society)

    LyFilm allows the students a platform where they can focus on the art and science of film-making, conceptualise their ideas and make use of the best practices to execute creative ideas with hands-on learning experience.

    Students will screen a variety of classic and cult films from various time periods to encourage appreciation and critical responses to film through debate, discussions and presentations.

    LyTech(Technology Society)

    In the fast paced and ever-changing world of technology, Lytech provides an opportunity for members to enhance their computer skills, hear from professionals in the industry, and get some hands-on experience working with particular areas of interest.

    LyTheatre (Theatre Society)

    This is an amateur drama society which enables students to find creative expression by participating in theatre productions in Urdu and/or English, in workshops and theatre games. LyTheatre stages two plays annually (one in Urdu and one in English).

    Promote the art of theatre by fusing acting, dancing, and music towards engendering a love of art, while spreading awareness and social consciousness


    The Mathematika society aims to encourage students to participate in mathematical competitions, stimulate interest in mathematics and provide a supportive atmosphere where students feel free to think out of the box and take risks.

    Members will be expected to foster mathematical thinking, abstraction, deductiom, foresight, planning and modelling in real life situations and create a supportive atmosphere which encourages calculated risk-taking and out-of-the-box thinking.

    Model United Nation (MUN)

    Model United Nations gives students an opportunity to gain confidence, helps them better understand world affairs and prepares them to resolve conflict and collaborate towards solutions for a peaceful world.

    Students develop in-depth research skills including geography, history, science and economics related to climate change and issues of global poverty . They also learn the art of being emotionally, logically and physically present in an argument, arranging their thoughts into a coherent narrative, and learning to respect and understand other’s opinions.


    Membership i the school's parliamentary debate team creates a platform for students to familiarise themselves with the parliamentary debate style, gain confidence, and hone their reasoning, logic and communications skills.

    Students will develop and experience important social skills such as teamwork and group cooperation, conflict resolution, negotiation, consensus-building, critical thinking, public speaking and listening. They will also outline the procedures for debate and demonstrate parliamentary debate and policy debate styles.


    The exhilarating experience of rowing is unparalleled to any other it requires the skills of determination, self-confidence and commitment. Most of all, the bond between teammates, what we call “crew”. Join LyRow for some full-fledged fun.


    Cricket, a game of dignity, with moments clad in high drama. A sport loved by the oldest and the youngest, adored by the calmest and the fiercest, played by over a billion people worldwide. It is indeed, Pakistan’s pride and joy.


    Basketball at The Lyceum lays emphasis on hard work, passion, and resilience. The basketball team is a family, one that works together through all our ups and downs, instilling in all members a sense of sportsmanship and belonging.


    Athletics shapes you not just as an athlete but also as a human, the adrenaline, the motivation, the determination all to achieve ones aspirations is the best metaphor for life I can think of. There's something so special about being out on the track; the wind in your hair and nothing but your will and determination by your side.


    Throwball is a hand on sport, which requires quick reflexes and fast thinking. It is a game requiring good teamwork and individual effort. It demands a presence of mind and exceptional hand-eye coordination.


    Netball is an exciting, fast and skillful game. It is a game in which two teams of seven players each strive to keep or gain possession of the ball.
    The team with the greater number of goals at the end of the game is the winner.

    Table Tennis

    Table tennis is a great sport to play indoor as well as outdoor. Lyceum allows students to play table tennis in the game zone, which is on the top floor of the building; this makes it easier to access and doesn’t require any transport. It’s an amazing sport to engage with your fellow classmate and make new friends!


    Sport is beautiful. It is a magnificent concept of physical exertion that can be undertaken both competitively and non-competitively. And perhaps, the most beautiful of all sports, is Football. The rush of adrenaline you feel when an attacker is about to score a goal, when a midfielder produces a particularly beautiful piece of skill, or even when a defender makes a crucial tackle, the sheer amount of emotions you experience in a single match, are all aspects of what makes this simple sport so endearing, and in ways, unrivalled.


    Badminton is one of the more faster paced racket games. Lyceum offers a rich and enjoyable badminton experience every year starting with a healthy inter house competition from which dedicated players are then encouraged to move forward and take part in bigger city wide competitions.


    Volleyball is a fast-paced and competitive sport where each team battles each other to keep the ball off the floor. The main objective of the game: use any body part but keep the ball up. If you’ve played before, come showcase your skill, if not come and join the fun.

    Culinary Society

    The Culinary Society aims to unify students interested and inclined towards culinary arts. Members learn more than just recipes from each other, and experiment and explore with food as art. Members will be expected to tap into creative potential to make the culinary experience more rewarding.

    Students will be expected to tap into creative potential to make the culinary experience more rewarding and learn about appropriate food safety/sanitation procedures & precautions useful in a work setting - project management.

    IRIS (Photography Society)

    “Iris” - or the photography society, is the perfect platform for amateur photographers as well as novices to pursue their hobby. Interactive discussions, photography classes, monthly meetings and field trips are some of the activities that are offered to members to broaden their experience and open their eyes to the world of light, colour and tones.

    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the photographic arts as essential to the spiritual, cultural and expressive life of a community.

    LySlam (Spoken Word)

    LySlam aims to promote spoken-word poetry as an art form, with a culmination of thought, expression and to encourage the transference of imagination and creativity from ‘the page to the stage’. The society believes that poetry, prose, art, music and philosophy are among the most powerful healing agents in the world, and works to explore how words can be evocative without being provocative, because words are important, and how we use them is even more important.

    Students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of personal beliefs and values and a commitment to continuing personal reflection and reassessment.

    LyTunes (Music Society)

    LyTunes is made up of a diverse group of performers and artists alike. The society plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for the school's major events like the welcome and farewell parties. Throughout the year they entertain the school with energizing performances and competitions in addition to organizing an annual concert.

    Members are expected to use music as symbolic mode of thought and expression; and learning about the world through action, perception, and imagery. They will also engage community and inspire positive change through use of music.


    The Oracle publishes a 200-page annual color magazine/year-book featuring high quality, original articles, poems, art work, photographs and coverage of school events and activities.
    Students will cultivate a higher level of self awareness, as evidenced by their ability to identify their own strengths and challenges and to channel their personal talents and skills into appropriate forums of expression. They will also hopefully master progressive leadership skills, including but not limited to time management, collaboration, cooperation, task delegation, conflict management and peer mentoring.

    Climate X Scuba (PADI) course

    This project focuses on skill development through Scuba diving at the Climate X conservation centre in Abdul Rehman Goth.

    Students will travel to the Climate X conservation centre on Saturdays to be trained by licensed professionals, culminating in PADI qualifications. Registration fees include training and travel.

    Knitting Club

    This project aims to promote social change through the art of crocheting. We'll collectively crochet blankets and will also produce individual projects such as coasters, scarves etc. All items produced will either be donated or sold with the proceeds being used for a social awareness project.


    Lysias aims to be a platform whereby the values of the institution converge with the voice of the student body - finding an equilibrium as journalists create awareness and initiate dialogues regarding issues that are part of our context, both within and outside. A learning process all the way, students will be covering school events, profiling people and highlighting issues through multi disciplinary mediums - combining the written with visuals.

    Members will acquire marketing and publication knowledge. They will also be expected to identify the concept of leadership as a learned process that one engages in to affect positive change for the betterment of others, community, and society, grounded in the values of the Lyceum

    Home School

    Home School is a service initiated by Lyceum students in order to help our students educate children from under-served communities on the Lyceum premises. The subjects taught in Home School are English, Maths, Art and Urdu.

    Students are encouraged to engage in active learning by understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making.

    The maximum number of students in this society is 10. This might change depending on the number of children that show up.

    Mashal Academy

    Mashal Academy is a student-led numeracy and literacy program for the children of Neelum Colony. The project lays great emphasis on personal development, ethics-based learning and practical utility of the theoretical concepts taught in class.

    Participants of this service project will acquire business knowledge and application. Apply management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership techniques, and coordination of people and resources.

    Sirat ul Jannah (Orphanage)

    An education outreach program with the aim of connecting and engaging with the children at a home for abandoned and at-risk youth in Karachi. Visits will be made on Saturdays.

    Students are expected to learn application of concepts of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; and learning and motivation. They will also be encouraged to understand & practice the true essence of servant leadership: having a willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction in a way that contributes to the shared goal of the group.

    Bint-e-Fatima (Senior Citizen's Home)

    An outreach program in which students will spend time with residents of an old-age home.

    Climate X Ocean Conservation

    This project is situated in Pakistan’s first community sanctioned and privately managed Marine Conservation Area (MCA) at a fishing village, Abdul Rehman Goth (ARG) in the outskirts of Karachi. The major aim of establishing the MCA was to protect the Ocean and marine biodiversity from the harmful effects of human generated pollution.

    Students will be educated about the underlying interconnected issues that impact the health of the Ocean and the humans who depend on the Ocean resources for sustenance, income, recreation, transportation, and numerous other uses.

    Urban Forestry

    Located on Park Lane; students plant trees, survey and monitor growth and development and learn about Akira Miyawaki's ecology and forestry methods.
    Students will gain knowledge about ethics of teambuilding and community building. They are also expected to be an ambassador regarding protection and preservation of the environment.

    Zero Waste Initiative

    Students survey, audit and create programmes to influence behaviours and consumption patters, seperation of waste, learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

    Honors Society

    This society aims to be a student-led academic support programme which allows students with excellent command over specific subjects to volunteer to tutor their peers in those subjects.

    Students will be expected to participate in active learning by understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making. They will also learn to effectively communicate with another person or group of people through talking, listening, and conflict resolution in the most efficient, timely manner.

    Religions For Peace

    Religions for Peace is committed to leading efforts to advance effective multi-religious cooperation for peace on global, regional, national and local levels while ensuring that the religious communities organized on these same levels assume and exercise appropriate leadership and ownership of these efforts.

    By becoming members of this society, students will learn ways to honor the different ways religious communities are organized and support locally led multi-religious structures.

    Social Justice Society

    This society aims to initiate conversations that lead to action. Through grassroot level public action, we attempt to create awareness regarding pertinent social issues.

    Have increased knowledge of some aspects of human development and behavior, group dynamics, social institutions, social change, and cultural diversity.

    LyPaws (Animal Society)

    LyPaws works to advocate the humane treatment of animals, protection of habitats, and the placement of abandoned pets in caring homes.

    Students will develop respect for and compassion and kindness toward other beings. They will also develop an appreciation for the interdependence between humans and other beings that inhabit the planet.

    Girl Up

    Inspired by United Nations Foundation's Girl Up programme, this initiative is about girls and women assuming leadership roles and advocating for gender equity.

    As members of this society, students will partake in learning-by-doing, enhancing leadership skills and will create more awareness and learn to raise voice about issues pertaining to women.

    The Roundsquare Organization

    Round Square is a worldwide association of schools which share a commitment beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility.

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