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CIE A Level Certificates

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Posted: August 24, 2019

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The exhilarating experience of rowing is unparalleled to any other it requires the skills of determination, self-confidence and commitment. Most of all, the bond between teammates, what we call “crew”. Join LyRow for some full-fledged fun.


Cricket, a game of dignity, with moments clad in high drama. A sport loved by the oldest and the youngest, adored by the calmest and the fiercest, played by over a billion people worldwide. It is indeed, Pakistan’s pride and joy.


Basketball at The Lyceum lays emphasis on hard work, passion, and resilience. The basketball team is a family, one that works together through all our ups and downs, instilling in all members a sense of sportsmanship and belonging.


Athletics shapes you not just as an athlete but also as a human, the adrenaline, the motivation, the determination all to achieve ones aspirations is the best metaphor for life I can think of. There's something so special about being out on the track; the wind in your hair and nothing but your will and determination by your side.


Throwball is a hand on sport, which requires quick reflexes and fast thinking. It is a game requiring good teamwork and individual effort. It demands a presence of mind and exceptional hand-eye coordination.


Netball is an exciting, fast and skillful game. It is a game in which two teams of seven players each strive to keep or gain possession of the ball.
The team with the greater number of goals at the end of the game is the winner.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a great sport to play indoor as well as outdoor. Lyceum allows students to play table tennis in the game zone, which is on the top floor of the building; this makes it easier to access and doesn’t require any transport. It’s an amazing sport to engage with your fellow classmate and make new friends!


Sport is beautiful. It is a magnificent concept of physical exertion that can be undertaken both competitively and non-competitively. And perhaps, the most beautiful of all sports, is Football. The rush of adrenaline you feel when an attacker is about to score a goal, when a midfielder produces a particularly beautiful piece of skill, or even when a defender makes a crucial tackle, the sheer amount of emotions you experience in a single match, are all aspects of what makes this simple sport so endearing, and in ways, unrivalled.


Badminton is one of the more faster paced racket games. Lyceum offers a rich and enjoyable badminton experience every year starting with a healthy inter house competition from which dedicated players are then encouraged to move forward and take part in bigger city wide competitions.


Volleyball is a fast-paced and competitive sport where each team battles each other to keep the ball off the floor. The main objective of the game: use any body part but keep the ball up. If you’ve played before, come showcase your skill, if not come and join the fun.

Culinary Society

The Culinary Society aims to unify students interested and inclined towards culinary arts. Members learn more than just recipes from each other, and experiment and explore with food as art. Members will be expected to tap into creative potential to make the culinary experience more rewarding.

Students will be expected to tap into creative potential to make the culinary experience more rewarding and learn about appropriate food safety/sanitation procedures & precautions useful in a work setting - project management.

IRIS (Photography Society)

“Iris” - or the photography society, is the perfect platform for amateur photographers as well as novices to pursue their hobby. Interactive discussions, photography classes, monthly meetings and field trips are some of the activities that are offered to members to broaden their experience and open their eyes to the world of light, colour and tones.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the photographic arts as essential to the spiritual, cultural and expressive life of a community.

LySlam (Spoken Word)

LySlam aims to promote spoken-word poetry as an art form, with a culmination of thought, expression and to encourage the transference of imagination and creativity from ‘the page to the stage’. The society believes that poetry, prose, art, music and philosophy are among the most powerful healing agents in the world, and works to explore how words can be evocative without being provocative, because words are important, and how we use them is even more important.

Students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of personal beliefs and values and a commitment to continuing personal reflection and reassessment.

LyTunes (Music Society)

LyTunes is made up of a diverse group of performers and artists alike. The society plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for the school's major events like the welcome and farewell parties. Throughout the year they entertain the school with energizing performances and competitions in addition to organizing an annual concert.

Members are expected to use music as symbolic mode of thought and expression; and learning about the world through action, perception, and imagery. They will also engage community and inspire positive change through use of music.


The Oracle publishes a 200-page annual color magazine/year-book featuring high quality, original articles, poems, art work, photographs and coverage of school events and activities.
Students will cultivate a higher level of self awareness, as evidenced by their ability to identify their own strengths and challenges and to channel their personal talents and skills into appropriate forums of expression. They will also hopefully master progressive leadership skills, including but not limited to time management, collaboration, cooperation, task delegation, conflict management and peer mentoring.

Climate X Scuba (PADI) course

This project focuses on skill development through Scuba diving at the Climate X conservation centre in Abdul Rehman Goth.

Students will travel to the Climate X conservation centre on Saturdays to be trained by licensed professionals, culminating in PADI qualifications. Registration fees include training and travel.

Knitting Club

This project aims to promote social change through the art of crocheting. We'll collectively crochet blankets and will also produce individual projects such as coasters, scarves etc. All items produced will either be donated or sold with the proceeds being used for a social awareness project.


Lysias aims to be a platform whereby the values of the institution converge with the voice of the student body - finding an equilibrium as journalists create awareness and initiate dialogues regarding issues that are part of our context, both within and outside. A learning process all the way, students will be covering school events, profiling people and highlighting issues through multi disciplinary mediums - combining the written with visuals.

Members will acquire marketing and publication knowledge. They will also be expected to identify the concept of leadership as a learned process that one engages in to affect positive change for the betterment of others, community, and society, grounded in the values of the Lyceum

The Roundsquare Organization

Round Square is a worldwide association of schools which share a commitment beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility.

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