School Calendar Aug-Dec 2018

Posted: Sep 7, 2018

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November-December 2018
Mid-year Exam Timetables

A1 Exam Timetable Updated: 1/11/18
A2 Exam Timetable Updated 1/11/18

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Distribution of June 2018 CIE AS Level Results

Kindly follow the instructions below to collect your result:      Result Date:                        Thursday, August 14, 2018      Distribution Time:                1:00pm - 2:00pm  Procedure for collecting results:

  1. Come in school uniform
  2. Bring your school ID card / Statement of Entry
  3. Results will be distributed by alphabetical groups in first floor classrooms, as posted
  4. Please enter the building through the main front door and proceed to the first floor.  Go directly to your assigned waiting room, and patiently wait for your turn. 
  5. One by one, you will go into the room to receive your results. When it is your turn, please show your student ID and sign against your name to confirm receipt.
  6. Please clear the distribution area once you have received your results, exiting via the back stairs and out to the front of the building along Corridor A (in front of the generator).
    1. Refreshments will be available in front of the school building, and you are invited to chat with your teachers and counsellors. 
    2. Please stay clear of A2 results distribution on the ground floor, Corridor B (between the gate and the canteen) and the shed.  

 Re-check and Re-exam: Information will be sent to about requesting re-checks and planning for re-exams. Please note that any questions about the results or recheck procedures will not be answered on results distribution day. Certificates Certificates are normally issued approximately 2 weeks after the results release.  You will be sent an e-mail with instructions for picking up your certificates when they have been received by the school. With best wishes,The Lyceum

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